Will Work For….Fabric!

For my regular readers, One Card Weekends will return next week. This week there’s more on my mind. I have rediscovered the passion of my childhood, the obsession all the women in my family share.

Today I bought the cheapest, most basic sewing machine I’ve ever seen in my life, with the possible exception of the Barbie toy machine I found at a yard sale when I was 7. It doesn’t do anything I would need in order to use it for clothing–no buttonholes, not even the frustrating 4-step kind; no decorative stitches; no interchangeable presser feet; a control foot the size of my fist rather than that of my foot. But it will hold me over, because my mom promised me her computerized Singer when I go back to NC to visit, and I’ve already made a deal to sell this machine when I get back for nearly what I paid. I’ve needed this for so long that it’s ridiculous.

I’ve been in love with sewing since I was barely four years old. My mom and my grandmother have been making beautiful things since long before I was born, but my own first “project” was to help Mama sew up the edges of a blanket for my baby sister when she was first born. I sat on her lap while she helped me guide the fabric through the machine; I was too small for my feet to even reach the control foot. When I was nine, Grandma taught me to use her little Elna by myself.. That was the cutest machine–it had different discs that could be inserted to make funky decorative stitches. She kept me out of trouble for a whole summer with some scraps from clothes they’d made me, a rotary cutter, and that sewing machine, and she still occasionally uses the little pincushion i sewed her.

So yeah. I’ve really missed sewing. I’ll write more about it later–right now, I’m headed to the fabric store!


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