Retail Therapy, Identity Theft, and Missing the States

Over on St. Thomas, the island they call “Rock City,” they talk about a phenomenon called “rock fever.” As in, I gotta get off this rock before I lose my mind.

Today’s been one of the worst days for it on record. I’m having my weird visions again, and honestly, a lot of the things I’ve seen are things I’d rather not know.

The work situation isn’t nearly as much fun as I thought. I had a coworker screaming and pounding on things today, because she got it in her head that I’d called her a liar, when I said no such thing.

I did get my new tarot decks in the mail, though: a Mini Celtic deck and a mini Tarot of the Druids. I love the smaller size, so much more comfortable for me.

Also, apparently my bank account was hacked. Still going round and round with credit bureaus and the bank to get it straight. I’m a little surprised that the people left $150 in my account–if I’d been committing federal identity fraud at a felony level, I’d have taken it all. :p