This is going to be fun! /sarcasm

So, for those of you who didn’t know, North Carolina’s annual tax free weekend runs this Friday through Sunday. This is interesting, since Mercury, which deals with communication and by extension with technology, will be in retrograde. Which means that some crazy shit is going to go wrong. This is going to be particularly fun for me, since I work for an electronics retailer…you know, that place where you’ve got questions and we’ve got answers, supposedly. The really exciting part: our store manager’s vacation starts Wednesday, the day after the retrograde starts, and will run till Tuesday of next week. So I’m thinking that we’ll probably have multiple “what the hell did you do to it?” issues this weekend that only a manager can fix.

Also, my next class starts tomorrow. It’s a repeat of the Intro to Film in which the instructor accidentally/magically managed to misplace my final paper, so even though there was timestamped proof that I turned it in, I got a zero anyway, on a paper that was a third of my grade. And there is no appeal process at this for-profit moneypit I’m attending.

I’ve decided not to do the art school thing. It’s something I’ve wanted for a really long time, but it’s just not practical at this point in my life. I’ve got to get a degree I can actually use right away, and one that isn’t going to cost me $700 per credit hour. This isn’t it, I’m afraid. As much as it kills me, you know what? Art doesn’t require a degree. Everyone I’ve talked to lately says that what matters is the quality of the work and where it gets shown, not what overpriced piece of paper I have to hang on the wall next to it. And most of the art schools that would be practical for me to attend with my crazy nomadic lifestyle are for-profit schools anyway, and I’ve learned my lesson with that mess. So I’m disappointed, but I’ll live. There are only a handful of online not-for-profit schools, but I’ve found one that costs half what it would cost me to attend AAU or SCAD. Not what I hoped, but better than nothing.