Rough week so far for the furball

My cat, Imbas, was hospitalized Wednesday for a urinary blockage. He was released Friday and appeared to be doing well. Last night, he stopped eating and started having trouble urinating again. So I took him back to the vet this morning, and they changed his meds. He’s still struggling to pee, but he’s not bleeding as badly, and he’s eating again. He’s going back to the vet in about five and a half hours. So far, I’m in for about $500, and this isn’t the end of it. (And to put that in perspective, my paycheck to cover these two weeks was only $240 once rent came out of it.) I mean, if I had it, it would be no big deal. But I’m about to the point of going without groceries to cover his bills.

Normally, I wouldn’t ask for anything from anyone. But if anyone’s willing to chip in for his vet bills, I’ve set up a ChipIn page here. I’m so afraid he’ll get worse and have to have surgery, because that will be another $500 that I just don’t have. I don’t want him to die just because I can’t pay to help him.


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