Single Card Draw: Knight of Pentacles (No, J., Not Tentacles!) As Significator

I was attempting to explain to my friend J. the other night about significator cards (a card in the reading that is chosen as a symbol of the seeker), and why he would be the Knight of Pentacles. (It was interesting–at first he misread the name of the suit as tentacles, which is an ENTIRELY different subject and an entirely different–hopefully imaginary–deck!) It wasn’t easy, as explaining the esoteric often isn’t, so I decided to follow up with a posting about the Knight of Pentacles.

Knight of Pentacles from Ciro Marchetti's Gilded Tarot

Also called the Knight of Coins or the Prince of Disks, the Knight of Pentacles, when he represents a person, is a down-to-earth, ultimately practical man, usually between the ages of 18-35. The Pentacles suit represents the earth signs: Taurus (fixed earth, and my friend’s sign), Virgo (mutable earth, my rising sign) and Capricorn.

In Qabalistic thought, the Knight of Pentacles is the Air above the Earth of Assiah. (“Yeah, whatever that means.” Well, hold on a second, let me break it down.) Each court card has not only the element to which its suit belongs, but also the element to which its rank (page or knave/knight/queen/king in most decks; princess/prince/queen/knight in Crowley’s Thoth deck and its variants) belongs. The knight in RWS decks is an air card belonging to the suit of earth. In terms of the meaning of the card, that means that the person the card describes has the creativity associated with Air, the ideas to improve things, but that the Earth element means that he is slow, methodical, a guy who takes his time to make a decision. He automatically reduces every problem to its barest essentials, and with that air influence thrown in, Knights of Pentacles can have a tendency toward “nerd rage” as they get frustrated with the inability of others to grasp what seems logical to them. A good fictional example would be the character of Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.


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