Back to the drawing board…and the dark ages

I’m so depressed. The passage of Amendment One wounded me in a way I never thought a vote could. I mean, I’m not a child. I know that not everyone is going to agree with me politically, and I’m OK with that. The difference is that I didn’t see Amendment One as political. It’s about basic human dignity, and I don’t think anyone has the right to legislate for or against human rights.

I feel betrayed, not just by the fact that I live in a place where such a measure would pass, but by the number of people who didn’t know or didn’t care that it was on the ballot. By the people who are registered to vote, heard it discussed on a regular basis, and just didn’t get off their backsides and go vote. I feel betrayed by the poll workers who tried to turn me away because of an error in my registration, where it hadn’t been updated since I moved back to the area in 2010, even though I had submitted the appropriate form, who demanded to see my ID even though ID is NOT required in North Carolina, who after I threw a fit about it, made me pull up a copy of my cellphone bill because it’s the only bill I have in my own name to serve as legally unnecessary “proof” of my residence. If I weren’t so unafraid of being seen as a bitch, I wouldn’t have been allowed to vote.

I’m angry that people’s basic human rights are up for debate. This shouldn’t have even been a question. It’s none of my business, none of yours, certainly none of the government’s, who a stranger chooses to marry, as long as both are consenting adults. I hope that the courts of this state and the nation are more reasonable than the bigots who won this election.


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