RIP Dave Grega

The pagan community has been in shock over the past few days upon hearing of the passing of Dave Grega, co-host and co-founder of Pagan Centered Podcast. The cliche about a death sending shock waves through a community was something I hadn’t really experienced before, but I haven’t heard anyone comment who hasn’t been stunned.

I didn’t know Dave well. We knew some of the same people and had interacted a couple of times online, but that was about it. But I couldn’t help but respect his mastery of the art of snark and his willingness to debate issues rather than feign agreement for comfort’s sake. I had a deep respect for his willingness to be honest about the work he put in to lose a really significant amount of weight and for his efforts to support others working to do the same. I wish I could have known him better–he always seemed like he’d be really interesting to sit for a while and talk with. Our community has lost a valuable voice with his passing. May the gods grant him peace on his journey and blessings in his next life.