I can’t. And that’s OK.

I posted a really detailed, graphic post here earlier about my experiences with rape, pregnancy, and abortion. But it was too triggering for me to leave up. I know we’re supposed to assume we’re helping others who’ve been through it, but it’s just not something I can be that up-front about. Someday, I’ll be at a point where I can be that direct and that detailed about what I went through. Today isn’t that day.

And in a way, I’m OK with that. It’s long-established SPG with regard to my goddess that self-care is healing work too, and belongs to her. So for now, I’m going to drink some tea, put on some Carbon Leaf, and go to sleep. And someday, when I’m ready, I’ll talk.


One Comment on “I can’t. And that’s OK.”

  1. It’s ok Stephy. I read the original post so I can completely understand why you can’t leave it. I am incredibly proud of you for putting it all into words in the first place….x

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