How I spent my evening

I wasn’t going to use this fabric, because it’s some that was given to me, and it’s craft store quality rather than quilt-grade. It’s not going to hold up like the others do. But I needed A. space for the new stuff and B. to get one knocked out in a hurry, so I stayed up late tonight assembling this quilt top. It just needs the borders on it, and then it’s ready to assemble the layers and finish it. If I’d been more awake while assembling it, I think I would have done a better job of arranging the colors, but I doubt a baby who needs it will be bothered much. The biggest problem with using craft store quality fabrics is that the strips aren’t cut exactly evenly, which means that even with using a regular 1/4 inch seam allowance, the blocks aren’t uniform.  But it was donated fabric, and I’m sure a family who’s on the receiving end of this project won’t mind. All it needs is to have the borders attached and the layers assembled. Doing the work!


2013-11-14 04.04.26

2 Comments on “How I spent my evening”

  1. I think it’s beautiful 🙂

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