I’m still alive!

I’m still around, I promise. I’ve been busy job hunting (my job with that one electronics retailer that Shall Not Be Named is disappearing effective tomorrow, so I’m scrambling to find something else) and working on my other writing projects. But I’m still here, still fighting the good fight, and still quilting ALL THE THINGS. I just finished up a baby quilt last night, actually, which makes three ready to go for the hospital this trip, and I’m making good progress on the queen-sized quilt I’ve been working on. There’s not as much of a hurry with the queen size, though, because I have until December to get it done.

latest baby quilt, March 2014

latest baby quilt, March 2014

I’m also working on my IT certifications, because I can’t just stay in piddly hourly jobs forever, and I completed the very basic Microsoft Technology Associate certification in Windows Operating System Fundamentals last week. THAT was the easiest test I’d ever taken in my life–it took me longer to sign in than it did to take and pass the test! I’ve got the knowledge, but since I’m only going to be making $200 a week in unemployment, and my rent is $500 a month, having the money to do it is a bitch. I’ve got a GoFundMe page set up to raise the money for it that you’re welcome to check out if you want, but you’re certainly not obligated.

Once I get something worked out about regular employment and have a little more stability, I’ll be blogging more frequently. Meanwhile, don’t forget me!

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